Medical Transcription
February 5, 2019

One industry that has shown considerable growth in the last few years is outsourcing transcription industry. This stands true especially for India, which has managed to become an outsourcing hub because of high quality and low prices. Even the U.S. prefers to outsource transcription work to India to benefit from English proficient population and the time zone difference. Due to difference in time zone, the U.S. companies can get transcription work done within the given timeline.

India is considered to be a cost-saving avenue for outsourcing transcription work. The different service providers are known to offer benefits like lower overheads, enhances efficiencies and reduced payroll as compared to foreign counterparts. By outsourcing transcription work to India, there is no need for
the company to setup a comprehensive department for transcription projects. It clearly indicates that all these benefits come at a lower cost of capital, and that too without compromising on quality.

Transcription work cannot be performed efficiently in absence of specialized skills, and it here India taken as edge. Indian transcription service providers have best manpower to take up transcription projects, ensuring of better quality and timely delivery. They also have adequate resources, in terms of capital, manpower, infrastructure and entire setup to take up large volume assignments and divert the capacity to other activities Companies that outsource transcription services to India can avoid the need of having a dedicated team to work on transcription activities, saving on efforts, time and resources. As a result, they can focus more on their core operations.

India is known for its IT proficient resources. Transcription works requires a complete technical support, which means that in absence of a strong IT department, things can fall apart.
utsourcing transcription services to Indian providers alleviates concerns related to IT structure. They don’t need to worry about troubleshooting on different software and platforms that transcribers work in, in addition to no maintenance costs on IT infrastructure.

Companies may benefit from outsourcing transcription services by acquiring ownership of workflow systems, productive staffing and re-engineering skills. Besides these benefits, the Indian providers offers other advantages such as rapid turnaround time and 24×7 customer care support.

The core strength of Indian transcription service providers is their professionally expert business transcriptionists who record close to 100% accuracy. They offer customized services that meet all official requirements of industry.

SPSOFT is committed to deliver best quality transcription services to its customers. We have a team of professionally expert transcribers who can provide error-free and accurate transcription solutions.

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