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February 5, 2019

Writing a blog or an article is one thing, and being able to continue writing blogs on different topics proactively is another. A person who starts writing a blog, at a later stage wonders how to keep the blog running active. On what topics will the blog gain more popularity? Coming up with blog article titles becomes a slow and painful process to encounter. However, gradually the person can come up with interesting topics while keeping the following points in mind. Here are some ways to generate interesting article topics.

Who Is My Target Audience?

This one is a clear idea. Best topic is the one that is read the most. Audience is the most crucial aspect that is responsible for a blog’s success. Hence knowing our target audience holds utmost importance while choosing a blog topic. But the question that arises is how can one know his/her target audience? The best way to know the target audience is to define them. You are the one to decide whom you want to reach out to, which set of audience are you willing to write for, and which part of the society will be most benfitted. For well-established businesses knowing the target audience will require interacting with them through emails or phone calls. Once you understand what they need, you can come up with numerous blog topics.

Is My Article Relevant?

Once you understand your target audience, based on the choice and interests of your audience you now need to judge whether your article is relevant enough to connect with the reader’s thoughts?Relevance also depends on your expertise and objectives behind writing the blog. For example, if you are company that sells pet food, you need to write blogs on topics like which the right diet plan for a dog or a cat, what nutrients are most required at what age of the pet, how are your pet food products different from the others available in the market, and so on. Your blog cannot talk about medical technology and its benefits. It would not be relevant for your readers and will also have no relevance to your niche.

Am I On Time?

Your article should not be outdated as this makes your readers lose interest. It has to be on time for the readers to associate with it. For example, if you are into fashion industry, your blogs should talk about the latest or the upcoming fashion trends and not about what were the fashion styles 10 years back.

Take Ideas From The Existing

It is only about taking ideas for the blog topics and not stealing the content or intellectual property. This means that sometimes you can refer to the popular blog titles that exist on the internet, rephrase them according to your niche, and then start writing on those topics. The popular topics act like motivator and are a sure shot way of writing content that appeals to the audience.

Support From Content Tools

Last but not the least is using content sites that offer some interesting topics that you can write articles on. Here marketers can search for most trending topics that are relevant to their businesses. Some of the sites not only offer the topics but also the number of social shares linked to it. Searching for good topics is not difficult, it is just time taking and requires patience and thorough research. By practicing writing, and knowing your audience you can easily identify the trending topics for your blog and keep your blog active.

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