Medical Summarization
February 5, 2019

Undertaking summarization services would indicate that the company has to manage people, compliance, records, equipment, maintenance, turnaround time, technology and all other elements related with the summarization services along its core business. Outsourcing summarization makes things simpler. However, the main question is how to select best summarization service provider?

One of the key things that should be looked while seeking a summarizations service provider is costs. There should be in built cost benefits, which comprises lower per line rate, competitive rates in area of training and administration, reduced yearly maintenance expenses and likewise.

Customers should benefit from the summarization service provider team experience in different areas. The providers should have had considerable experience working on a selection of medical records such as discharge summary, progress note, operative note, emergency room process etc. Service providers should cross-leverage their extensive experience across clients producing best records of high accuracy.

Summarization service providers should adhere to internationally standardized compliance procedure and follow through with stern multi-level QA processes. The QA processes comprise editing, proofreading, assessing completed records, etc. Service providers should measure performance and levy penalties so that stated turnaround times and quality levels are adhered to. It is one of the key thing to look at while selecting the service provider.

The workflow in summarization services in the U.S. is impacted by seasonal variabilities. In winter consultations are on the rise while during holiday seasons are grossly understaffed. No matter what the season is and what the month of the year is, summarization service providers should be capable enough to manage seasonal fluctuations and at the same time it must not affect productivity and workflows.

Summarized reports are required to be stored on the service provider’s secure servers for few years. Therefore, it is important for summarization service providers to manage for a secure, password-protected access to search and manage medical records with key word tools. They should have proper set up to distribute documents to numerous destinations via internet, ensuring confidentiality at each stage.

Offering summarization services involves putting money in high end dictation equipment and advanced software for downloading, transmission, submitting and typing dictations. Health facilities in the United States stand to gain from medical transcription outsourcing as there is no need to block investments in summarization resources. All these factors should be given due thought before narrowing on a summarization service provider.

The experience and proficiency of the team at SPSOFT is incomparable and this is obvious by the optimistic feedback of our clients. Quality, accurateness and cost effectiveness are factors that make us diverse from our competitors.

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