Content Writing
February 5, 2019

Writing great content is not an easy task. Writers can choose to put in the work and time required to develop top quality content and establish a prosperous brand. Or they can opt to take the easy course and write poor content, a way that eventually will lead nowhere. It will only lead in a waste of time, resources and energy.

In order to get best SEO rankings, gain leads and/or traffic, writers need to have good content on website or blog. Original content tends to bring more exposure on search engines. For example, Google has made it direct that they do not encourage and will penalize websites with duplicate content. In other words, Google plans to reward best quality websites that has original content. So, good content makes a good website, and it also enhances site’s ranking, which can have a positive impact on business.

As mentioned above, original content plays an important role in indexing the content on Google. Copying content will lead in a punishment from Google, and can crush bottom line. There was a time when ezine articles used to top on Google rankings. However, these articles are not seen anymore and it’s no coincidence. It was one of the stringent changes made in Google’s algorithm update, which intended to stop bad content from ranking at top.

Let’s understand it clear terms. Original also indicates originality. It means that ideas should not be copied. Rehashing the same ideas or other posts again brings no gains. If content is already played out, it will fail to get linked and that itself will defeat the objective of content.

If there is nothing useful to say, it should not be said at all. Also, focus should
remain on writing strong headlines. A good headline triggers interest and calls readers in. The good content provides the user a sense of applying the information. It doesn’t lower readers by instructing them what to perform, but rather respects them and offers them with promise that they know how to use the content. Just writing well on a topic sparks some brilliant ideas for readers. When readers go through a post, watch video or view an infographic, they look for an answer and improve knowledge. Also, they want these answers fast. Hence, make your content simpler to scan so readers can pick up important bits quickly.

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