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February 5, 2019

Digital marketing is a booming field which is gaining its grip across various industries. Although it is possible to get things done without the help of digital marketing, several industries are opting for these services to grow their business and increase the penetration among public. One such industry which has recently started using digital marketing services is the healthcare domain. Here are some interesting statistics of digital marketing in healthcare domain that has helped healthcare companies opt for healthcare content marketing

40% of the individuals deal with their health problems according to the information and tips present on the internet. They trust the online sources of information more than the traditional sources.

The young generation is eager on discussing and sorting health issues through social media and other online forums.

20% of the smartphone users have at least one healthcare app on their mobiles, which makes healthcare content marketingpreferably mobile marketing, more essential.

More than 50% of the patients feel online consultation is more convenient and easy to access. They prefer doctors to be available on online mediums for any-time consultation.

31% of the healthcare professionals use digital marketing for professional networking which assists in business growth and advertisement

More than 35% of the patients look for online review of a particular clinic, hospital, or diagnostic centres, before approaching them.

All of these facts give us an idea of how important is digital marketing for the healthcare domain. The industry is opting for healthcare content marketing because many people are active online. Many people prefer using online resources to solve their problems. Digital marketing is an effective and an inexpensive way of promoting the business. Digital marketing services include mobile marketing,content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and many more. With so much more associated with digital marketing, the healthcare industry is definitely using it to prosper. Here are some ways in which digital marketing is benefitting the healthcare domain:

Search Engine Marketing: There is an increase in the number of people who are becoming active on social media. People look for healthcare solutions online and during this they visit numerous websites. When businesses use search engine marketing mediums like pay-per-click, it starts generating revenue for the business right away. This is the best way to make your website appear on the top in the search lists. Moreover, you only need to pay when the user clicks on your website. This feature acts in favour of the business.

Social Media Marketing: These days’ people are active on social media which acts as a word-of-mouth publicity for most of the small businesses. Using digital marketing services helps the healthcare domain to reach common public through a general public platform. Healthcare content marketing helps in reaching majority of the people.

Search Engine Optimization: Using digital marketing in healthcare domain increases the visibility of the business as it aids in search engine optimization for the business. For search engine optimization it is also important that the website should be mobile responsive as people using smartphones tend to access the website through mobile phones.

For an effective digital marketing of your healthcare company, you need an expert who is proficient in building a SEO strategy as per your company needs and implement the strategy by creating gripping content for your audience in the form of blog posts, social media updates, videos, ebooks, webinars and more. SP Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the expert you are looking for. We have a team of talented and dedicated digital media marketers and content writers who can provide engaging content that will help you in healthcare content marketing. We know the best way to combine digital marketing with your company and create miracles. Visit our website for more information on our digital marketing services.

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