February 5, 2019

Content marketing is a concept that has remained for long in the industry of digital marketing. In today’s world, it has become more important compared to before. Content is the king and it is working its way to the core of digital marketing strategies, as it turns a crucial factor that reaps big rewards.

A one-size-fits-all way is not a correct method to follow in the field of content marketing. Instead, focus should be on creating unique, authentic and high-quality content that is useful, interesting and entertaining for customers. From text, imagery and video to infographics, webinars, podcasts and surveys, whatever preferred content medium is, it should be relevant and shareable.

High-quality, original content on a brand’s blog has a notable impact on search engine ranking and SEO for different reasons. First, fresh content should be published in frequent intervals with 300-500 words; there should be internal links to other pertinent content. Also, there should be keywords used in the content that helps a site rank organically for applicable search terms. A higher rankinge ventually exposes the brand to more consumers looking for content in its industry. Consistently publishing interesting and fresh content produces authority and opens up chances to establish a glowing backlink profile.

Good content encourages readers to engage with the brand. If the content is good, readers will stop to consume the content, comprehend the brand message and probably even comment, share or like the piece of content. If that’s not the case, they’ll continue scrolling and the content will move into the black hole. To further promote engagement and foster an association with customers through content marketing, confirm all content is published on all social media channels, which makes sharing easy.

Good content creates authority and brand awareness in a saturated market, which can theng enerate new leads and improve sales as more customers become open to the brand. Good content is usually less salesy than advertorial, so it provides customers an opportunity to authentically involve with the brand without a deliberate sales message troubling the engagement. Drowning customers in product-oriented content usually has a negative effect on relationship with the brand, while good editorial strengthens the relationship as the shift is from consumer to brand advocate. Content that brings value in some way is received well by customers because it explains a problem in their daily lives or instils something new. The value is imperceptible and doesn’t have a straight monetary value, though it is priceless to the business model and the association between customers and the brand.

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