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Medical & General Transcription Company With Assured Low Cost

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With modernization in technology, organizations are opting for varied kinds of transcription services to keep their data digital and easy to access. This is when the companies outsource the work to transcription service providers.

General transcription plays a major role in many business areas and is high in demand. Transcription which does not fall under medical or legal arenas comes under the category of general transcription. This includes, business transcription, interview transcription, conference call transcription, presentation transcription, focus group transcription, education transcription, thesis transcription, research transcription, university transcription, script transcription, pod cast transcription, job interview transcription, etc.

Medical transcription is a highly specialized field and requires extreme precision as minute mistakes can cost a lot to the health of the patient and the reputation of the doctor. Considering the manual data maintained since ages, the amount of large data became difficult to manage; hence, medical transcription transformed the hand-written data into digital format.

SP Software Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a transcription service company which specializes in offering high quality transcription services such as general transcription, and medical transcription. At SP Software Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd., we are a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals who are capable of handling projects from across geographies. Our low cost high quality transcription services provide high levels of customer satisfaction. We at SP Software Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. maintain creditability, customer focus, skill and above all, seamless data accuracy.

At SP Software Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd., quality and dedication towards work goes hand in hand. There are numerous companies across the country that offer speech-to-text conversion services; however, the long years of experience that our company holds into medical and general transcription services gives it a leading edge over the others. Our quality standard is what sets us apart. Here are some of the reasons that justify why to choose SP Software Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. over others.

Every project that we undertake is handled and executed by experienced professionals who have minimal rate of errors and provide high quality outputs

Our team of professionals hold strong domain expertise and has experience of handling different types of transcription.

Our advanced proofreading model gives precision and quality to the transcripts of your audios and videos

Even at low cost, we give accurate and timely delivery of services. Our cost plans are highly affordable. We provide flexible plans to our customers.

Our quick turnaround time ensures faster delivery to our customers

Our general transcription services offer customized formatting options from varied audio/video sources such as cassettes, CDs, DVDs. And also from different formats like aac, avi, dss, mov, mp3, mp4, wav, wma, etc., into the desired text format of your choice (doc, text or PDF).

We give 24/7 support to our customers At SP Software Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd., our motto is to deliver the highest value for your money. We understand that time is money and the importance of timely delivery of work. Our general transcription services and medical transcription services are bound to minimal errors and maximum excellence.

To know more about the transcription services that we offer, visit our website or contact us on… We assure you that your transcription needs will be fulfilled in the lowest time and cost.

How TAT Plays Important Role In Medical Transcription Outsourcing?

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Medical transcription services are considered as a vital cog in the health care procedure. With a dependable service provider, healthcare experts are ensured of accurate and top quality patient records. In addition to quality and accuracy, a vital element that decides the worth of clinical documentation is turnaround time (TAT).

This is the total time period recorded between the final delivery of transcripts and the completion of dictation to the healthcare firm. When a medical transcription task is outsourced, it is natural tendency to expect the transcripts get delivered quickly. But, transcription is not equivalent to typing as it covers listening, analyzing, assessing and then typing.

Naturally, the procedure is time-consuming. For instance, a minute of recording takes minimum of 10 minutes to 15 minutes to transcribe. Only dependable medical transcription firms can assure delivery in tailored quick turnaround time.

There are different elements that impact the medical transcription turnaround time. The factors underlying TAT are many, the first of which is Accent. The speaker’s accent is a vital element that impacts transcription turnaround time. Strong or unfamiliar accents usually take more time for transcription.

A large extent relies on the ability the transcriptionist to decode the physician’s speech. This might require listening and re-listening to the audio to check whether all has been recorded accurately.

Next factor is number of speakers that decides the total turnaround time. An audio recording that comprises one or two speakers will moderately be easy to record. However, if there are over three speakers tangled, the transcriptionist will take time to identify and get acquainted with their voices. If folks are speaking at the same time, clarity will be affected.

In certain cases, some doctors may voice too quickly with few pauses, too low or with diverse accents. The transcriptionist would require to carefully re-listen and edit the whole recording to comprehend what the physician has stated and require extra transcription time.

Next factor is clear and uninterrupted audio quality. One hour recordings usually take up 2 hours to 4 hours to transcribe, without including processing and review time. However, video or audio recordings with background noises reduce the transcription.

The quality of recordings will largely depend on the kind of recording equipment used. Transcripts made without utilizing microphones often have that echo or background noise. These recordings may require many rounds of listening and hence take more time to transcribe. To get accurate and top quality transcripts in quick turnaround time, it is vital to use best recording equipment.

SPSOFT is a popular transcription service provide that completes the assignments taken in the committed turnaround time. With a team of professional medical transcriptionists, we ensure quality documentation within the given turnaround time and at affordable rates.

Necessity of PhD Students And Academic Transcription Services

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Transcription is very important for academic purposes and in this modern world where lectures and dissertations are often carried out over the internet through audio-visual method, the aforesaid function is unputdownable. Nowadays the professional transcription services are providing helpful knowledge and archiving options to the grad students, research scholars and other academicians which grant them the facility of transcribing their discussions, seminars, lectures and interviews in the hour of need only in a hassle free way.

The transcription service providers have different level of operational activity ranging from research interview transcription, PhD transcription and university transcription services. These services help the students improve their degree transcript for the study course and thus boosting their overall academic transcript. These newly established sets of academic transcription company are very much into the
ball game having a bountiful of data on different subjects,professional & intellectual writing task force and an astute bunch of transcript research methods. The companies providing these professional transcription services are quite proficient because they house an elite group of transcribers who are very well versed with discipline oriented specific knowledge and terminologies which make them have a clear concept in managing the information given and transforming the same into a meaningful data required by the student. The students require such well-defined and well-indexed content in order to produce a good quality project report, an aspiring thesis or even a candid dissertation speech. Entrusting such an important task to the professionals really ups the success percentage of the academic project as the raw materials of the project are well groomed into a classy academic presentation which not only impresses the jury but also help the student explain his or her research in a swift and subtle way. The transcript research methods of these academic transcription companies make PhD transcription, especially a grant highlight in the student’s academic transcript.

The service providers are very efficient in processing the audio-video lectures and seminars into a written document will all points maintained and the transcribing done meticulously with discipline specific terminologies bestowed by research interview transcription and university transcription services. This help the students stay ahead of their academic schedule and maintain an updated archive of all academic data and all the recordings. The university classes, the special lectures, the important conferences etc all are converted in a detailed file by these professional transcription services which uplifts the student’s degree transcript along with his or her academic transcript. PhD transcription is the special part of these academic transcription services. Researchers are required to stay updated all the time with new information for which they require precise and quicker transcription of the recordings. The researchers are thus given great support in data collection, processing and analysis with these transcriptions. The researchers are also given certain level of high security for the safe keeping of documents & research materials and also help in producing a customized freestyle thesis report. The online option of this services along with affordable rates make students opt for these transcription services in order to get transcriptions, study materials and well groomed professional academic transcripts.

SPSOFT boasts of a wonderful track record of serving clients all across the globe over a long tenure of two decades in the niches of Medical Transcription, General Transcription, Software and Mobile Development, Medical Summarization and Content Writing with a stupendous work ethic and having a pool of experienced and highly motivated individuals giving optimum priority to client’s requirement and bringing forth customized solutions for all under a common roof. Feel free to contact us regarding your queries.

Which Businesses Need Transcription Services And Why?

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Transcription is all about converting an oral file, most often an audio or a video, into a written or printed format. The transcription service industry is growing very rapidly. Due to advancements in technology and internet, most of the information is available in oral form which people wish to document. And that is where transcription comes into play. This article gives an overview of which businesses need transcription services and why are these services required?

Professionals from some sectors like healthcare, legal and business do not get enough time to type their crucial business information, as even a slightest mistake can result in serious consequences. Honestly, there is an exhaustive list of businesses that need transcription services at some point of time. Some of the businesses to mention are:

Physicians, medical technicians, holistic practitioners

Online video editors and video contributors

Radio personnel, media executives, journalists, editors, authors, screenwriters, reporters

Keynote speakers, politicians, Government liaisons

Office Assistant, company secretary

Attorneys, paralegals

Transcription services are required mostly in highly specialized and technical arenas. Most companies opt for transcription services to avoid future disputes and lawsuits. To
understand why companies require transcription services, it is very important to comprehend the advantages association with it.

Using transcription services can save you from trying to remember a conversation or recording, or spend time sorting trivial issues. A well-trained transcriptionist takes care of these factors.

Material obtained from a trained transcriptionist always has accurate material. These documents (letters, reports) can be sent to your clients, customers and shareholders.

You can have flexibility to convert your audio form into any textual form such as books or courses.

Your company doesn’t need to hire a full time employee for transcription purpose. This job can easily be outsourced to professional services at hourly cost, part-time or contractual mode. This way the services become more economical.

You can acquire tight deadlines by outsourcing transcription services to trained

The textual form can be customized as required fulfilling all legal requirements of your profession and organization.

Gives you an ability to handle a wide range of audio files including analog recordings, MP3, WAV, and so on.

No matter how rapidly the technology advances, paperwork will always be evident. Companies will always need hard copies to maintain their vital information. Transcription is essential for
usinesses as it helps to streamline their documentation workflow and also helps them maintain regular official records in an organized manner. While using transcription services, business can utilize their valuable time to analyze and adapt new business strategies.

SPSOFT Solutions is a leading provider of high-quality manual transcription services. Our team of expert transcriptionists provide timely and accurate transcript as per client’s requirement. Our services are of high-quality and adhere to strict deadlines. Think of transcription, Think of SPSOFT!

How To Select Best Transcription Service Provider?

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The best don’t comes easily, and it is the same thing when we talk about the best transcription service provider. There are many firms in the market offering comprehensive transcription services that makes it extremely difficult to list a company meeting your set criteria. To make it simple, ensure to check on following points while selecting a transcription service provider:The best don’t comes easily, and it is the same thing when we talk about the best transcription service provider. There are many firms in the market offering comprehensive transcription services that makes it extremely difficult to list a company meeting your set criteria. To make it simple, ensure to check on following points while selecting a transcription service provider:

The first major step is to ask the transcription service provider to provide a sample. Go through the sample transcription, and ensure that it meets the set standards in terms of quality, accuracy and consistency. For the same purpose, check the skills set of team members, right from the language control to listening. This can be confirmed again with a sample project and asking for credential requests.

Apart from individual skills, it is vital to verify the project management skills of the company. The transcription service provider should have an in-house project management. It will help to establish a seamless communication between you and the company.Apart from individual skills, it is vital to verify the project management skills of the company. The transcription service provider should have an in-house project management. It will help to establish a seamless communication between you and the company.

Once you are sure about the content quality, then check if the company has sufficient resources to meet your requirement. Even if you don’t have large volume of transcription work right away, ensure the company is capable of scaling if required. They should possess adequate resources in-house to address larger volume of work, as and when required. The quantity should not compromise quality at any point of time.

For quantity also, it is must to verify whether the service provider is offering realistic estimates or just boasting the numbers. A clear, concise plan as to when the work will be completed, and what resources might be required, always helps. The idea is to get clarity on the pricing and turnaround time depending on different factors impacting the entire process.

Another factor that cannot be ignored while choosing a transaction service provider is confidentiality of your content. At any point of time, the recording and transcriptions should not be shared with a third party or compromised to change the context. There should be stringent file transfer protocols in place, right from the start of the project until final delivery.

Last but not the least, the rates offered by the transaction service provider should be at par with the industry standards. Don’t forget to get quotes from multiple firms in market. Compare and then select transcription service provider for your job, considering all the other factors.

The expertise and experience of the team at SPSOFT is unparalleled and this is evident by the positive feedback of our customers. Quality, accuracy and cost effectiveness is what make us different from our peers.

How Outsourcing Medical Transcription Work Is Better Than In-House?

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Medical transcription services are on the rise, so medical physicians need to determine whether they want to perform medical transcription outsource or in-house it to an offshore site. There are numerous advantages that can be obtained from outsourcing medical transcription tasks to an offshore medical transcription service provider.

Medical transcription operations have become extremely popular. But physicians are so occupied with their day-to-day plan; it becomes extremely tough for them to record the documents during patient visit. Therefore, they outsource the transcription work to a third party.

The major factor behind outsourcing medical transcription work is the cost benefit. Offshore locations provide remarkable opportunities to medical practitioners to acquire the transcription services closed at a cheaper cost that is usually linked with the U.S.

Customers stand-out within the transcription industry with the assistance of experience extended to them. They have notable experience working on different medical records.

Outsourcing helps to free up resources and time. It can help companies save money on overheads. If computed what it would cost for company to maintain an in-house medical transcription task, it would possibly cost much more than outsourcing. Besides staff salaries, the companies keep compensating for HR and management for quality control and recruiting, IT support, equipment and software, and many more.

By transcribing in-house, companies are spending extra capital to maintain a procedure that can change in volume based on transcription needs. For instance, patient consultation numbers usually peak in winter. Moreover, the transcription industry is related with higher turnover, which indicates having in-house transcription personnel might require frequent, time-taking recruitment drives.Transcription firms provide competitive pricing as they are specialized, and can use the cost benefits of scale. They are better placed to discover and take benefit of efficiencies such as technology systems, crowdsourcing work and offshoring. Usually they can perform it more cheaply for companies than done internally.

Transcription firms can provide savings through reduced per line rates, and reduced labor costs. They reduce the need for administrative, training and HR costs, in addition to assisting save on equipment and maintenance outlays.

Transcription services are accessible because companies engage them depending on the demand and volume. There’s no requirement to retain an internal team during low demand, and later overtaxed in peak times.

With outsourcing medical transcription services, companies pay by the line or minute, hit the same turnaround times irrespective of volume, and still compensate the same by-line or by-minute rate, all without the increased costs related with maintaining a team of personnel. SPSOFT presents a secure, custom-made, low-cost outsourcing medical transcription work that meets customer needs via its advanced transcription platform.

How Beneficial Are Manual Transcription than Automatic Services?

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Today’s technology is fast paced. Everybody wants to gain the maximum in the least amount of time. A similar theory applies to the field of transcription. Transcription is a process which involves conversion of audio or video files into a written text format, most often a word document, PDF or a simple text file. Transcription is a high quality service across diverse fields such as medical, business, media, legal, and so on. Clients now have the provision to choose between automated and manual transcription. To begin with, both the processes do not make much of a difference; however, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them.

Automatic transcription analyses the audio file through speech recognition and text is formed through programming. When it comes to using automated transcription, the software can create numerous spelling errors in the first place. Is it fair or fare, hole or whole, dear or deer? How can a machine understand which is the right word as per the context? It types what it hears without understanding it, and that’s where the problem begins. This accounts for poor quality text. Software are always programmed in a basic fashion and hence any kind of disturbance such as varying accent, background noise, rapid speech, or similar challenges can cause transcription issues.

So this would clearly mean that manual transcription is a better option to opt for. But wait, before you conclude, here are some advantages of automated transcription that will make you rethink.

Software is a one-time expense, therefore saving cost for the business.

Automatic transcription is for the once who do not prefer to be dependent on human efforts. As the process is automated, there is no need for supervision. With such low rate of accuracy and quality, clients opting for automated transcription are bound to hire editors and proofreaders to clean the text which takes up additional time, cost and resources.

The quality and accuracy of text through automated transcription can never be as high as that of manual transcription. Manual transcription has high level of human intervention wherein individuals and not machines are responsible for creating the final transcript. Apart from high quality and preciseness of text, opting for manual transcription has its own set of benefits.

Individuals involved in the transcription process are highly skilled at deciphering, typing, and reviewing their work to provide a clean final output to the clients.

Individuals not only type but also edit and proofread the text. Hence clients need no more time, cost or resources to invest further.

Some fields like medical and legal need highly accurate transcript which can be attained only through manual transcription.

One major disadvantage that manual transcription has is cost. The cost varies according to nature of the work (length of audio, timelines).

The final choice between opting for automated or manual transcription is always in the hands of the client; however considering the plus and minus of both processes, manual transcription is the clear winner.

SPSOFT Solutions is a leading provider of high-quality manual transcription services. Our team of expert transcriptionists provide timely and accurate transcript as per client’s requirement. Our services are of high-quality and adhere to strict deadlines. Think of transcription, Think of SPSOFT!

Which Businesses Need Summarization Services And Why?

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Medical documents can be difficult to understand as they contain complex medical terminology. The document usually has lot of medical information and abbreviations which can cause hindrance in understanding the reports. Same applies to legal documents. Legal language is also very complex and needs summarization for easy interpretation.

Medical summarization service provides a summary of patient’s medical records in a wholesome easy to understand form. The service takes its inputs from patient’s historical medical records and creates a summary of the entire information available. An efficient medical summarization involves integrating a large amount of information, offering easy access to the entire patient’s medical records and preventing information overload for the medical personnel accessing the data.

Medical summarization is a precise style of writing. Professional medical summarizers take into account the end use of the report as instructed by clients. This helps them highlight essential pointers within the report that might be helpful for the end-user if required. Summarization is carried out by highly-trained professionals who understand the legal aspects involved and its importance. The report is prepared in such a manner that in case of an argumentative situation, the client will win the case. Professionals creating the report ensure that it contains all the essential points.

Medical summarization process includes steps like highlighting the relevant symptoms and treatment of the patient, creating footnotes with definitions for uncommon medical terminology, creating timelines and charts to explain the sequence of treatment taken by the patient and identifying the missed records and bills of the treatment.

Medical Summarization Procedure:

The client or the company offers a dossier that contains scan paper records/ images collated in a comprehensive manner.

Once the dossier is received, the summarization team reads the documents carefully understanding every piece of the information and start integrating them into a comprehensive report using the steps mentioned above.Once the dossier is received, the summarization team reads the documents carefully understanding every piece of the information and start integrating them into a comprehensive report using the steps mentioned above.

Final summary is then generated in a user-friendly format and is made available for a review of the client.

Medical record summarization services are required by businesses which are associated with insurance claim settlements. Some examples to mention are:

Medico-legal firms

Independent or qualified medical evaluators

Independent medico-legal attorneys

Medical documentation management companies

Litigations related to workmen compensation arising out of injuries during on-job activities. SPSOFT Solutions offers high-quality medical summarization services to clients. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who together deliver a perfectly documented report that is created by keeping the client’s requirements in mind. We follow strict deadlines to ensure that our clients receive their reports on time.

If you are looking for summarization services, SPSOFT is your destination!

How To Select Best Summarization Service Provider?

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Undertaking summarization services would indicate that the company has to manage people, compliance, records, equipment, maintenance, turnaround time, technology and all other elements related with the summarization services along its core business. Outsourcing summarization makes things simpler. However, the main question is how to select best summarization service provider?

One of the key things that should be looked while seeking a summarizations service provider is costs. There should be in built cost benefits, which comprises lower per line rate, competitive rates in area of training and administration, reduced yearly maintenance expenses and likewise.

Customers should benefit from the summarization service provider team experience in different areas. The providers should have had considerable experience working on a selection of medical records such as discharge summary, progress note, operative note, emergency room process etc. Service providers should cross-leverage their extensive experience across clients producing best records of high accuracy.

Summarization service providers should adhere to internationally standardized compliance procedure and follow through with stern multi-level QA processes. The QA processes comprise editing, proofreading, assessing completed records, etc. Service providers should measure performance and levy penalties so that stated turnaround times and quality levels are adhered to. It is one of the key thing to look at while selecting the service provider.

The workflow in summarization services in the U.S. is impacted by seasonal variabilities. In winter consultations are on the rise while during holiday seasons are grossly understaffed. No matter what the season is and what the month of the year is, summarization service providers should be capable enough to manage seasonal fluctuations and at the same time it must not affect productivity and workflows.

Summarized reports are required to be stored on the service provider’s secure servers for few years. Therefore, it is important for summarization service providers to manage for a secure, password-protected access to search and manage medical records with key word tools. They should have proper set up to distribute documents to numerous destinations via internet, ensuring confidentiality at each stage.

Offering summarization services involves putting money in high end dictation equipment and advanced software for downloading, transmission, submitting and typing dictations. Health facilities in the United States stand to gain from medical transcription outsourcing as there is no need to block investments in summarization resources. All these factors should be given due thought before narrowing on a summarization service provider.

The experience and proficiency of the team at SPSOFT is incomparable and this is obvious by the optimistic feedback of our clients. Quality, accurateness and cost effectiveness are factors that make us diverse from our competitors.

How Outsourcing Medical Summarization is better than in-house?

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Outsourcing medical summarization work is a feasible alternative for medical-legal entities seeking to streamline their extensive medical records and organize them at a cheaper cost. Off-shoring the work, just as any other process brings many benefits, and solutions that are tailored to meet individual requirements.

With dedicated outsourcing facilities working round the clock, they are in a position to provide quality medical summarization work at the competitive prices. Associating with such providers many benefits to valued clients, such as project managed by a skilled team. There is distinct time-zone benefit, competitive pricing, secured records, absolute compliance, solutions in standard formats, advanced technological capabilities, strict quality control for error-free offerings and customizable turnaround time.

Outsourcing medical summarization work provides prime importance to offering well-planned and competent medical summarization services within the turnaround time. There is an expert team in place that assesses and summarizes different types of medical records, such as hospital medical records, general records, therapy records, diagnostic records and assessment records. The many services comprise indexing of medicinal records, management of medical records by type, medical provider listing, document indexing, chronological medical record summary, medical record reports, medical history, case summarization and medical record transcription in routine format Outsourcing medical summarization work indicates that the experienced and trained medical reviewers check the correctness of medical care offered to the patient and perceives issues such as malpractice, up-coding and fraud among other discrepancies. The unbiased work benefit all the parties involved in the process.

Quality medical summarization firms have systems that are aligned with the requirements of the medical industry. The providers can work with customers to manage and streamline summarization workflow, to meet unique requirements.

A great summarization service will collaborate with customers to minimize the count of extra steps they require to store files, while achieving their best to ensure confidentiality and security. Coupled with best software systems, this makes it much convenient for customers to capture and summarize patient records without trouble.

Many a times customers look for summarization details in a hurry. Many summarization service providers use time-zone differences, or have personnel on different shifts to attain quick turnaround times at each point of the day. These service providers offer short turnaround times for urgent tasks. By utilizing an external service, customers can get faster turnaround times with accuracy and without the trouble of managing own personnel.

SPSOFT outsourcing support provides more time to end users to focus on their core activities ands ave valuable resources.