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Which Businesses Need Summarization Services And Why?

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Medical documents can be difficult to understand as they contain complex medical terminology. The document usually has lot of medical information and abbreviations which can cause hindrance in understanding the reports. Same applies to legal documents. Legal language is also very complex and needs summarization for easy interpretation.

Medical summarization service provides a summary of patient’s medical records in a wholesome easy to understand form. The service takes its inputs from patient’s historical medical records and creates a summary of the entire information available. An efficient medical summarization involves integrating a large amount of information, offering easy access to the entire patient’s medical records and preventing information overload for the medical personnel accessing the data.

Medical summarization is a precise style of writing. Professional medical summarizers take into account the end use of the report as instructed by clients. This helps them highlight essential pointers within the report that might be helpful for the end-user if required. Summarization is carried out by highly-trained professionals who understand the legal aspects involved and its importance. The report is prepared in such a manner that in case of an argumentative situation, the client will win the case. Professionals creating the report ensure that it contains all the essential points.

Medical summarization process includes steps like highlighting the relevant symptoms and treatment of the patient, creating footnotes with definitions for uncommon medical terminology, creating timelines and charts to explain the sequence of treatment taken by the patient and identifying the missed records and bills of the treatment.

Medical Summarization Procedure:

The client or the company offers a dossier that contains scan paper records/ images collated in a comprehensive manner.

Once the dossier is received, the summarization team reads the documents carefully understanding every piece of the information and start integrating them into a comprehensive report using the steps mentioned above.Once the dossier is received, the summarization team reads the documents carefully understanding every piece of the information and start integrating them into a comprehensive report using the steps mentioned above.

Final summary is then generated in a user-friendly format and is made available for a review of the client.

Medical record summarization services are required by businesses which are associated with insurance claim settlements. Some examples to mention are:

Medico-legal firms

Independent or qualified medical evaluators

Independent medico-legal attorneys

Medical documentation management companies

Litigations related to workmen compensation arising out of injuries during on-job activities. SPSOFT Solutions offers high-quality medical summarization services to clients. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who together deliver a perfectly documented report that is created by keeping the client’s requirements in mind. We follow strict deadlines to ensure that our clients receive their reports on time.

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How To Select Best Summarization Service Provider?

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Undertaking summarization services would indicate that the company has to manage people, compliance, records, equipment, maintenance, turnaround time, technology and all other elements related with the summarization services along its core business. Outsourcing summarization makes things simpler. However, the main question is how to select best summarization service provider?

One of the key things that should be looked while seeking a summarizations service provider is costs. There should be in built cost benefits, which comprises lower per line rate, competitive rates in area of training and administration, reduced yearly maintenance expenses and likewise.

Customers should benefit from the summarization service provider team experience in different areas. The providers should have had considerable experience working on a selection of medical records such as discharge summary, progress note, operative note, emergency room process etc. Service providers should cross-leverage their extensive experience across clients producing best records of high accuracy.

Summarization service providers should adhere to internationally standardized compliance procedure and follow through with stern multi-level QA processes. The QA processes comprise editing, proofreading, assessing completed records, etc. Service providers should measure performance and levy penalties so that stated turnaround times and quality levels are adhered to. It is one of the key thing to look at while selecting the service provider.

The workflow in summarization services in the U.S. is impacted by seasonal variabilities. In winter consultations are on the rise while during holiday seasons are grossly understaffed. No matter what the season is and what the month of the year is, summarization service providers should be capable enough to manage seasonal fluctuations and at the same time it must not affect productivity and workflows.

Summarized reports are required to be stored on the service provider’s secure servers for few years. Therefore, it is important for summarization service providers to manage for a secure, password-protected access to search and manage medical records with key word tools. They should have proper set up to distribute documents to numerous destinations via internet, ensuring confidentiality at each stage.

Offering summarization services involves putting money in high end dictation equipment and advanced software for downloading, transmission, submitting and typing dictations. Health facilities in the United States stand to gain from medical transcription outsourcing as there is no need to block investments in summarization resources. All these factors should be given due thought before narrowing on a summarization service provider.

The experience and proficiency of the team at SPSOFT is incomparable and this is obvious by the optimistic feedback of our clients. Quality, accurateness and cost effectiveness are factors that make us diverse from our competitors.

How Outsourcing Medical Summarization is better than in-house?

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Outsourcing medical summarization work is a feasible alternative for medical-legal entities seeking to streamline their extensive medical records and organize them at a cheaper cost. Off-shoring the work, just as any other process brings many benefits, and solutions that are tailored to meet individual requirements.

With dedicated outsourcing facilities working round the clock, they are in a position to provide quality medical summarization work at the competitive prices. Associating with such providers many benefits to valued clients, such as project managed by a skilled team. There is distinct time-zone benefit, competitive pricing, secured records, absolute compliance, solutions in standard formats, advanced technological capabilities, strict quality control for error-free offerings and customizable turnaround time.

Outsourcing medical summarization work provides prime importance to offering well-planned and competent medical summarization services within the turnaround time. There is an expert team in place that assesses and summarizes different types of medical records, such as hospital medical records, general records, therapy records, diagnostic records and assessment records. The many services comprise indexing of medicinal records, management of medical records by type, medical provider listing, document indexing, chronological medical record summary, medical record reports, medical history, case summarization and medical record transcription in routine format Outsourcing medical summarization work indicates that the experienced and trained medical reviewers check the correctness of medical care offered to the patient and perceives issues such as malpractice, up-coding and fraud among other discrepancies. The unbiased work benefit all the parties involved in the process.

Quality medical summarization firms have systems that are aligned with the requirements of the medical industry. The providers can work with customers to manage and streamline summarization workflow, to meet unique requirements.

A great summarization service will collaborate with customers to minimize the count of extra steps they require to store files, while achieving their best to ensure confidentiality and security. Coupled with best software systems, this makes it much convenient for customers to capture and summarize patient records without trouble.

Many a times customers look for summarization details in a hurry. Many summarization service providers use time-zone differences, or have personnel on different shifts to attain quick turnaround times at each point of the day. These service providers offer short turnaround times for urgent tasks. By utilizing an external service, customers can get faster turnaround times with accuracy and without the trouble of managing own personnel.

SPSOFT outsourcing support provides more time to end users to focus on their core activities ands ave valuable resources.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Summarization Work To India

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Any company that takes summarization work is required to organize different resources such as people, records, technology, equipments, and likewise. At the same time, the company also need to focus on the turnaround time, which is not met can impact work considerably. In order to keep all these things going, it is best to outsource summarization work in India. It is a place where the talent pool and resources pool is strong enough to keep the work going. Outsourcing summarization work turns things easier and hence, healthcare
and hospitals centers in the U.K. and U.S. are progressively outsourcing work to offshore sites.

One of the key advantages of outsourcing summarization work to offshore locations is that analogous services are provided in these nations at highly competitive rates as against the industry
tandards widespread in the United States. Besides the built-in cost advantages are many, counting lower line rates, labor costs, reduced costs in administrative, training and HR areas and many more.

Customers stand to benefit from the extensive industry experience that summarization service providers offer. They have substantial experience working on different services in this particular area. Service providers use their industry experience for generating records of high accuracy.

There is a time zone differential noted between the United States and India, which works to the benefit customers as records are downloaded, summarized and sent back for access by health
ractitioners in the United States, in a matter of 24 hours. This confirms the best turnaround time in the market.

Summarization service providers’ utmost focus remains on measure performance so that set quality standards and turnaround times are followed. It is one of the major benefits of outsourcing summarization services to India. Indian service provides boasts the entire set up that is required to carry out the tasks of summarization. It indicates that there is a no need for company to invest in high end dictation equipment and software for summarization services.

Human Resources units of hospitals and healthcare facilities can substantially reduce efforts, resources and time spent on training, maintaining and hiring summarization staff on their payroll. Summarization services are required across all functionalities and departments, 24×7 including emergency room and on-call procedures.

This indicates a fairly rigorous staff requirement which involves sizeable hiring, administrative responsibilities and payroll processing, all of which are distributed with if the summarization services are outsourced to India. SPSOFT is dedicated to offer superior transcription services to its clients. We
have a team of expert transcribers who can offer error-free and precise transcription solutions.