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Reduce Website Development Cost: Outsource To India

Posted on: February 5th, 2019 by SP Software No Comments

In today’s advanced technology era, mobile and web development serves as an ffective means of communication and delivering content to your customers and clients. Although website development is not the only way to the success of a company, it is very essential for successful public relations (PR) activities, marketing events and customer relationship management strategies. Most often companies look for a beneficial deal wherein they can attain quality work at low cost, and this is possible when the project is outsourced to the right destination.

In recent years, India has become a major hub of outsourcing. Majority of the software companies in the USA and Europe outsource their website and mobile app development projects to India. Outsourcing website development assignments to India significantly reduces the cost aligned with the project and contributes towards major savings of the client company. As per a recent study, 80% of the European and US outsourcing firms ranked India as the number one home for outsourcing.

India holds a large pool of talented and skilled labour. In addition, most of the population is English-speaking, the number of which is higher than the US and UK combined. Outsourcing website development services to India is highly affordable. Moreover, Indians are capable of delivering quality work under strict deadlines. While a good developer in the US will charge between $50 and $80 per hour, an equally talented and skilled developer in India will charge as less as $15 per hour. This significant cost reduction helps companies to save money and instead use it in other activities such as product launch or promotional events. Hence, India is the ideal place to outsource and acquire low cost website development services.

Although low cost makes major savings, high quality in the work delivered also counts! The consistent production of quality work under stringent timelines also makes India as the ideal destination for outsourcing website development assignments. Hence, most of the companies chose India, to outsource website development projects and get high quality output at low cost. In order to grow, any country requires a robust infrastructure and strong technology support. Fortunately, India has both! India has latest and best software technology which helps the outsourcing partners to offer customized solutions for various applications to its clients such as e-commerce, website development, mobile app development, and many more. Companies in India maintain uninterrupted high speed internet to ensure proper and faster communication channels which aids in faster work completion. Here are some more benefits of outsourcing website development projects to India:

There is a significant increase in the ability to focus on the key competencies of the client company as they save time by outsourcing the projects.

The cost required for website development moves from fixed cost to variable costs

There is an increase in the speed time to market

Contributes towards improvement of business performance

SP Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers a complete range of customized web development services which starts right from need assessment, conceptualization, development, implementation, testing to maintenance and post development customer support.  We are here to help you in all ways whether you want to develop a simple website from scratch or form a complex website with all facilities. We provide various service offerings such as:

Website development

Web design and development

Cross-platform application development

Application maintenance

All our web development services are of high quality and available at affordable cost. We can customize the web app as per your requirements and help you get your desired web app ready in the market, real quick. So if you are looking for low cost website development services for your company, look no further than SP Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Points To Be Considered While Outsourcing Mobile App Development

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Outsourcing mobile app development is a booming option for those who are interested in developing unique mobile applications, but do not have enough time to invest into it. Hence, these companies can outsource mobile app development and save time and money for themselves, which can further be invested into product launch and marketing efforts.

Before you actually start the task of outsourcing mobile app development, it is important that you know what you are exactly looking for. It is essential that you do a thorough research on your
requirements and note down all the things you want your mobile app to have.

Finding a quality mobile app developer is equally important as it is the first step towards achieving your desired mobile application. Ideally, it is very crucial to have a clear communication with the mobile app developer about your requirements, and the time and cost that you are ready to invest into the same. It is only when both the parties agree to the terms and conditions, can the app development project be a success. Communication with the developer involves interview and discussions, negotiations, and setting important milestones.

Outsourcing mobile app development includes its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Based on your preferences you can opt for whether to outsource or not. Here are some of the
benefits of outsourcing mobile app development.

Cost savings: Outsourcing mobile app development to third party reduces costs significantly. Despite constant follow-ups and visits with the developer, the outsourcing cost is lesser than in-
house app development cost. As you don’t have to invest in infrastructure, or resource, you tend to save direct costs involved into them. Offshoring the mobile app development to other country also adds up to cost savings due to difference in currency value.

Time-saver: A well-known outsourcing company often has a talented group of rofessionals who are capable of completing the app development task within the timeframe provided. Saving time along with cost is a bonus for the client company. Moreover, there is no hindrance caused to the client company due to upcoming holidays or due to presence of a sick employee as the outsourcing partner is capable of somehow completing the task in the given time.

Quality work: By outsourcing mobile app development to a third party, the client company eventually gets a high quality product in return. This happens because the outsourcing partner uses its talented resources that possess proficient skills and knowledge of app development. Also, in order to advertise themselves in the market and to increase the number of referrals, the outsourcing partner is highly motivated to give quality work to its clients.

To outsource mobile app development to a third party also involves some risks such as leakage of sensitive information outside the company. Confidential information of the company should be kept safe within the company. Hence, before outsourcing the task, a strong non-disclosure agreement and IP protection agreement should be signed with the outsourcing partner. Sometimes, there can also be a mismatch between your expectations and the outcome achieved. To avoid the disappointment then, it is very important to have clear communication with the outsourcing partner that does the important work of expectation setting. Post that, regular follow-ups is essential which helps keep a check on the work done and its quality.

When it comes to outsourcing mobile app development work, SP Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the ideal company you can choose. By giving your work to us, you can be rest assured that you will attain desired results within specified timelines. We manage an expert team of professionals who are dedicated and motivated to build mobile applications as per your requirements at affordable cost. We believe in having clear communication and provide quality work to our clients. Our long list of satisfied clients speaks for our work.

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