Medical Transcription
February 5, 2019

Today’s technology is fast paced. Everybody wants to gain the maximum in the least amount of time. A similar theory applies to the field of transcription. Transcription is a process which involves conversion of audio or video files into a written text format, most often a word document, PDF or a simple text file. Transcription is a high quality service across diverse fields such as medical, business, media, legal, and so on. Clients now have the provision to choose between automated and manual transcription. To begin with, both the processes do not make much of a difference; however, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them.

Automatic transcription analyses the audio file through speech recognition and text is formed through programming. When it comes to using automated transcription, the software can create numerous spelling errors in the first place. Is it fair or fare, hole or whole, dear or deer? How can a machine understand which is the right word as per the context? It types what it hears without understanding it, and that’s where the problem begins. This accounts for poor quality text. Software are always programmed in a basic fashion and hence any kind of disturbance such as varying accent, background noise, rapid speech, or similar challenges can cause transcription issues.

So this would clearly mean that manual transcription is a better option to opt for. But wait, before you conclude, here are some advantages of automated transcription that will make you rethink.

Software is a one-time expense, therefore saving cost for the business.

Automatic transcription is for the once who do not prefer to be dependent on human efforts. As the process is automated, there is no need for supervision. With such low rate of accuracy and quality, clients opting for automated transcription are bound to hire editors and proofreaders to clean the text which takes up additional time, cost and resources.

The quality and accuracy of text through automated transcription can never be as high as that of manual transcription. Manual transcription has high level of human intervention wherein individuals and not machines are responsible for creating the final transcript. Apart from high quality and preciseness of text, opting for manual transcription has its own set of benefits.

Individuals involved in the transcription process are highly skilled at deciphering, typing, and reviewing their work to provide a clean final output to the clients.

Individuals not only type but also edit and proofread the text. Hence clients need no more time, cost or resources to invest further.

Some fields like medical and legal need highly accurate transcript which can be attained only through manual transcription.

One major disadvantage that manual transcription has is cost. The cost varies according to nature of the work (length of audio, timelines).

The final choice between opting for automated or manual transcription is always in the hands of the client; however considering the plus and minus of both processes, manual transcription is the clear winner.

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