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SPSOFT handles various specialties while delivering more than 98.5% of accuracy with 12-24 hours guaranteed TAT. Our team of experienced Medical Transcriptionists is well updated with the latest trends and challenges that affect the Medical Transcription industry.

This enables them to implement transcription solutions that save our client's money and efforts, while improving quality and productivity. Factors like high quality, cost effective and time-bound delivery have made us a known name in the field of Medical Transcription. We understand the volatility of the existing technology and strive towards future-proof solutions and services to all our clients.

Medical Transcription

12-24 TAT, HIPAA compliance, 98.5% accuracy and competitive and transparent pricing

EMR/EHR Transcription

Avail our EMR/EHR friendly medical transcription services for a faster and easier maintenance of paperless records.

Why outsource transcription

Apart from saving cost, time and efforts, outsourcing has several other benefits.


Pocket-friendly services meeting your demands

TAT and Quality

High-quality services with the shortest TAT

People Management

Carry no burden of recruitment


Save on time and money


Focus on business growth! Worry less, work more!






Billing Cycle (Days)


Turnaround time

Why Hire SPSOFT?

SPSOFT offers much more than reliability, speed and accuracy

Simple Access

The privacy of your patient health information is maintained well; however, an easy access to the entire set of health records is crucial.

Hardcore Inspection

Regular review of the transcribed medical data is conducted, which ensures the presence of accurate patient health information.

Easy to Decipher

Saves reading load, dictation and transcription time by greater than 80%


Lower TAT settles the cases in no time

We are proud to have a dedicated and committed team who ensure timely delivery of the assigned work. This is the very reason for several of our clients to be associated with us for more than a decade now.

At SPSOFT, we don’t just claim our services to be reliable, fast, and easy. We allow our clients to test our capabilities. Here’s an opportunity for you to try our services for FREE and check if this is what you were looking for.

Client-Specific FTP ID or Toll-Free ID Allocated
Turn-Around-Time of less than 24 hours

Free Trial

Billing and Payment

SPSOFT has made its mark by offering high quality services at low cost. Our billing and payment cycle is just as transparent and trustworthy as our work.

Billing Options

30-day billing cycle

Payment Options


Other Charges

No Hidden Charges

Payment Term

7 Days Net

Secure FTP

You will be provided a unique secure FTP ID wherein you can upload the files using FTP client (coreFTP, cuteFTP, wS FTP, Filezilla for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). We will then download these files and start working on them. On completion (transcription, editing and proofing), the report will be sent back to you via your preferred mode (preferably uploaded to the same FTP, and informed via email).

Toll-Free Dictation

Now, dictate your data directly into our toll free dictation system using your phone. Just call our toll-free number, follow our simple instructions and start dictating. Once completed, hang up the phone. The system will automatically send us your voice files through secure a FTP site and we will send you back the transcripts via of preference Why outsource transcription work. Dictations made easy, any time, any place.

Commitment to HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for protecting the sensitive patient data.


Authorized medical transcription companies must fulfill the important requirements of HIPAA. It is essential that any healthcare facility is updated with the latest technology and business processes to ensure that:


The technology and processes focus on the safety and security of the Patient Health Information (PHI).


All the HIPAA complaint facilities undergo an audit trail regularly


Maintaining the confidentiality of the patient health information is very crucial and only the HIPAA compliant companies can ensure the security of the data that is being dictated.


We at SPSOFT, take PHI very seriously. We are a HIPAA compliant medical transcription service provider that provides absolute confidentiality and protection to your patient information. We take meticulous efforts to meet privacy and security measures as per the HIPAA regulations. In addition, we offer state-of-the-art technology and systematized procedures to safeguard all your sensitive information.

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