On-Demand solution

With technology growing beyond our imagination, we need everything made available at utmost ease and comfort, anytime, anyplace. On-demand service marketplace is a simple concept wherein a technology-driven platform is offered to facilitate online demand and offline supply of the goods or services. .

BLE/Beacon Solution

Beacons have slowly captured the market since 2013, and today they are all around us. According to the BI intelligence reporting, retail industry is largely and positively impacted by the growth of the beacon technology. Beacons are small devices that use proximity technology to offer personalised experiences.

Rental & Booking Solution

A fast-paced life demands faster and efficient services. Renting items rather than purchasing is the new trend. Now, one can easily avoid waiting for any desired service by simply taking preferred appointment in advance and booking the service for yourself.

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise solutions offered by SPSOFT mainly focus on making the countless business chores easier to manage. We ensure that all your business functions are in order and well-organised, to save your time from indulging in routine time-consuming tasks. Our solutions enhance your productivity.

Healthcare Solution

Amidst the busyness of life, self care generally takes a back seat. Healthcare solutions understand your health needs and assist you in taking care of yourself. Our solutions provide specialised assistance to professional healthcare practitioners in organizing and securing their patient health information.

Hospitality solution

Travelling with family or travelling solo, each time there are challenges to overcome. From booking the flight tickets to hotel booking there are so many known and unknown things to manage. Hospitality solutions take care of your needs and allow you to plan your holiday with ease.

Retail & eCommerce Solution

According to the recent market studies, India’s retail sales volume grew by 6.2 percent in the year 2017. By 2018, the retail sales market is expected to grow to 6.6%. With the help of various retail and eCommerce applications users can avail the benefits of the diverse retail sectors.

Social Media & Communication

As of April 2018, the total worldwide population is 7.6 million. Out of those there are 4.2 billion users who use internet, and out of those 3.03 billion users are active on social media. Social networking is trending big time, and all the industries are taking advantage of it.