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SPSOFT is one-stop IT outsourcing company, offering diverse set of solutions and services with commitment & passion to its clients globally. We understand the volatility of today’s technology and so we ensure that the solutions we offer are future proof. We believe in time-bound delivery, and through that we have established a dependable brand reputation among our global clients.


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“An idea leads to innovation and innovation leads to betterment.” A successful startup is built with few great minds, an amazing idea, and a strong support system. If you think you have the former two ingredients, we can be the final factor for your success. From ideation to iteration, from finding out your target audience to actually reaching them out, and identifying the gaps in your idea to filling them; we will be there with you from the conception to its creation. Furthermore, We have the right network to take your startup ahead. Your success shall always be yours, however, we want to make your journey memorable!

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Every industry is unique and so are their challenges. Our vast expertise and strong network of professionals helps us to deal with the different industry-specific situations and provide you effective solutions.


Our Clients

I am very pleased with the quality of your service.
Client: - A general transcription client form UK

I just wanted to thank you and your team for your excellence. I apologize for our crazy time requests, but we really are organized. It is the nature of the demand placed on us. I just wanted to express to you and your team how much I appreciate the quality and speed of your professional services.
Client: - A leading spine surgeon from USA

The transcription services have been fantastic and I have told anyone who will listen about your services and have given them the contact information. Your services have been critical to my business and Pramod and his team have been wonderful. I am your biggest fan.
Client: - A leading neurosurgeon from USA

I cannot thank you enough for your excellent and timely work. It seems that I have more urgent turnaround business than before and I appreciate your flexibility in accommodating these times. You are fantastic
Client: - A Leading oncologist from Canada

I like your service. It is reliable and professional.
Client: -A leading med-legal from UK